About us

Bringing people, brands, charities and their stories together to make the world better.

Goodpin believes that it's up to all of us to make the world better. Goodpin also believes that we all want to make the world better in some way. We're here to make it super easy, fun, and rewarding.

Here at Goodpin, we're tenacious optimists. We know the world can – and should – be better. Even more, we have the audacity to believe that ANY one of us can make that happen.

We believe we can transform the world by transforming the way we connect, and the way we give. Powerful bonds are created when we do good with others, and it makes sense for companies to care about the causes their customers care about.

By "democratizing" your company's philanthropy (and putting your charitable clout in your customers' hands), you're forging thousands of one-on-one connections with consumers, making a difference in the world together, while at the same time building brand loyalty and advocacy.

So, how do we do this? Goodpin enables online shared giving. We help companies combine their digital marketing and charity giving into one effective tool. We provide the digital platform that lets customers have their say on how a company's corporate social responsibility dollars are spent, and spread the word organically among their social network.

By providing a web platform and social expertise to easily create, manage and measure social impact campaigns, we help build relationships by facilitating the creation of digital tribes that band together to do good.

The spark is there… it lives within all of us. And we're here to fan the flames into a veritable wildfire that spreads and grows as it gains momentum – transforming everything in its path. Now go forth and spread some good!