Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goodpin?

Goodpin is a tool that gives you more for your giving. It’s an app and website that shows you offers from cool brands who give you stuff as you make a difference, wherever you are. These are called “Campaigns”. If you know any community change-making brands that you think should get involved, email us at .

Where does my money go?

At Goodpin, we are proud to have created a transparent model that our users and charities can be confident about. 100% of your donation (minus third-party transaction fees listed below) goes directly to the charity you selected. Goodpin does not make any money from user donations in order to ensure the maximum impact for our users' generosity. How does Goodpin make money? We ask our users for a small tip during the checkout in order to ensure we can continue to give them more for their giving. We also ask brands for a fee to become sponsored on our platform.

How Do I redeem my coupons/vouchers?

All coupons/vouchers are digital and can be found in “My Stuff”, or if you're using the iOS app, click on the “Wallet Icon”.

Physical Retailers - You do not need to print anything out. Simply log into your Goodpin account using a web browser on your mobile phone or tablet (at or on the Goodpin app on Apple products) and take your mobile device to the redemption location. Show the cashier your digital coupon and they will click “Redeem” on the coupon. Make sure you do not click “Redeem” until you are with the cashier at the redemption location, otherwise your coupon will show as used before you actually use it.

Online Retailers - If you have a coupon for an online retailer, copy and paste the coupon code (located on your digital coupon in “My Stuff”) into the retailer's “Discount Code” section on their website during the checkout process.

Do I have to download the app?

Of course not, but it is the best way we’ve found to empower you to give to the causes you’re passionate about in the moment, and to be able to most efficiently get the funds to the charities and the tax receipts to you (when applicable). It should also provide some great value after the fact with other brand offers you can unlock when you give. Ultimately, if you don’t want to download an app, you can give via, but the app gives more relevant brand offers, wherever you are, based on your geo-location.

Transaction Fees

Giving Company Money:

When a user gives a company’s money, a Benevity Transaction Fee of 4.8% will be deducted in order to aggregate transactions, distribute electronic funds and create digital tax receipts.

Giving User Money:

100% of your donation (minus third-party transaction fees) goes directly to the cause and charity you selected. Goodpin believes in full transparency and in clearly outlining all fees associated with donations. Goodpin does not make any money from users' donations in order to ensure the maximum impact for our users' generosity. Only the following necessary third-party transaction fees are charged:

    • Stripe is used to process credit card payments and charges a 2.9% processing fee + $0.30/transaction (
    • Benevity is used to aggregate donations and distribute tax receipts. They charge 4.8% on donations through their system.

For example: If you made a donation of $10 then a total of $8.93 would be received by the cause and charity you selected. $0.59 would go to Stripe to process the payment and $0.48 would go to Benevity to aggregate donations and distribute tax receipts.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

Traditionally, it's too difficult for Non-Profits to write Tax Receipts for small donations. But with Goodpin, your donations (of any size) are added up into one tax receipt and can be printed at your convenience from your Goodpin profile under Tax Receipts.

The Canadian Revenue Agency and IRS have ruled that donors who receive a gift or advantage as a result of their donation are not eligible for a tax receipt. This means that if you purchased an item or coupon through Goodpin, your donation is not eligible for a tax receipt. Only users who donate money to a cause, and do not receive a coupon, will be eligible.

What data security do you have – for my credit card and my personal info?

We employ the internet standard data security by using Stripe as the online credit card processing engine. Stripe takes security very seriously and maintains strict administrative, technical, and physical procedures to protect information stored in their servers, which are located in the United States. They use industry-standard encryption technology to safeguard the account registration process and sign-up information. Other security safeguards include, but are not limited to, data encryption, firewalls, and physical access controls to building and files. For more info please visit: Security at Stripe.

If I make a donation directly to my favorite charity aren't they better off?

There are a lot of benefits to using Goodpin, including: company sponsored money (i.e. companies give money to your selected charity), rewards from brands who have partnered with Goodpin (i.e. free coffee for your donation), user benefits (i.e. consolidated tax receipts for small donations, available for printing at your convenience on your Goodpin profile). While you are always free to donate directly to your chosen causes via check or credit card, you should be aware that generally it would be more efficient and cost-effective for your charities to receive your donation through Goodpin.

There are always costs incurred by charities to process funds, record donor information, and prepare and distribute tax receipts. Goodpin reduces these costs by aggregating donation transactions and automating tax receipts and other administrative tasks. This is an industry best practice that results in more funds being directed to charity programs rather than being eaten up in administration. Remember, no matter how you donate, there are always costs incurred.

How does a charity receive my donation?

When you make a donation through Goodpin it is grouped together with all other donations and any associated matching amounts intended for that charity. These funds are then transferred to the recipient charities in aggregated monthly disbursements – electronically whenever possible. Instead of receiving thousands of individual checks, the recipient charities get a single payment for a month’s donations, reducing their administrative overhead and processing costs. Payments to charities are initiated for disbursement by the 21st of the month following your donation. Funds should be disbursed to charities by the end of the month:

    • For example: A donation made to a charity in September will be initiated for disbursement by October 21st and the funds should be sent by October 31st.
    • We encourage all recipient charities to set up an electronic donation payment option with Benevity to receive their disbursements quickly and cost-effectively.
    • If a charity has not yet signed up for electronic donation payments, a manual check will be mailed to them. Disbursement by a manual check may be subject to a minimum threshold of $100 and a manual check processing fee.

Can I donate to any charity I want?

Absolutely. Goodpin allows you to personally give to any 501(c)3 or Registered charity that you want. Some companies/sponsors may apply filters against charities that do not align with their mission. Please look at the company's Corporate Responsibility page to learn more about what organizations they support. While running a few pilot campaigns with Target, Goodpin has filtered out American religious charities.